Create intricate designs with the Sandroid Blasting System which uses Engrave-A-Crete templates. The templates are reusable.

Templates will not deteriorate in the heat or cold.

Sandroid can create very delicate images as well as distinguished designs. It can also be used to engrave on glass and marble, allowing you to offer premium services to your customers.

The best part… blast, pull the template up, then if you’ve missed a piece place the template back on the design and continue blasting!


Whether you need a 100 foot diameter corporate logo or a 1 square foot geometrical design Engrave-A-Crete can build a template for you to your job specifications. Send your custom design or choose from our online catalog of Flexi-Blast templates.

Glass etched with Sandroid

Corporate logos and custom art adds profits!

Call 1-800-884-2114 and ask for Stephen Lee to learn more about ordering templates.

We have many designs in stock or we can make a custom logo from you photo, drawing, sketch or blueprint